Friday, September 27, 2013

DNA Public Lecture & Professor Ludovic Orlando

Like many who are conducting a one name study I have turned my attention, somewhat tentatively to the complex subject of DNA.

This morning I was interested to see that there is a DNA public lecture at the Royal Society scheduled for November. As I was glancing down the program I was surprised, delighted and intrigued to see the following which I have copied directly from the Royal Society site

Professor Ludovic Orlando, University of Copenhagen, who is delivering a lecture during session two titled "Digging out the deep evolutionary past of equids: toward really ancient genomes".  He is also chairing the fourth session.


    Ludovic Orlando received his PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Lyon, France, twenty years after the first ancient DNA molecule was ever sequenced. Trained in phylogenomics as a postdoc, he was rapidly appointed as a permanent Associate Professor at the prestigious ENS Lyon. He is now leading a research group at the Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen. Current research in his lab focuses on developing integrative approaches for studying ancient DNA molecules, promoting the field of palaeomics by the merger of biochemistry, molecular biology, genomics and computational biology. These novel approaches have recently specifically been used to study the evolutionary history of one iconic mammal: the horse.

    From the website of the Royal Society it looks like recorded audio of the presentations will be available after the lectures via visiting the website. I am looking forward to hearing Professor Orlando and delighted that events such as this exist.

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