Monday, June 26, 2006

Amelia Orlando - 1881 Census

Dwelling: 95 High St
Census Place: Kensington, London, Middlesex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341005 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0023 Folio 30 Page 57

Name, Status, Age, M/F, Birthplace, Relationship to Head of Household, Occupation

Sarah WELLOR U 28 F Middlesex, England Servant (Head) Occupation: Art Dealers Assistants (Embroiderer)
Ada A. WESTON U 22 F Suffolk, England Servant Occupation: Art Dealers Assistants (Embroiderer)
Fanny J. BRESSELL U 28 F Middlesex, England Servant Occupation: Art Dealers Assistants (Embroiderer)
Celia LABINO U 22 F Surrey, England Servant Occupation: Art Dealers Assistants (Embroiderer)
Louisa LAWRENCE U 40 F Marnham Servant Occupation: Art Dealers Assistants (Embroiderer)
Amelia J. ORLANDO U 34 F Jersey, Channel Islands Servant Occupation: Art Needlework Assistant (Embroiderer)
Edith INGLES U 21 F Dalston Servant Occupation Art Needlework Assistant (Embroiderer)
Alfred S. PURNELL U 19 M Blackwater Servant Occupation Art Needlework Assistant (Embroiderer)Edward LYONS U 29 M Middlesex, England Servant Occupation Porter
Edward PUZZEY U 26 M Suffolk, England Servant Occupation Manager To ...

Data Sourced from the LDS Index of the 1881 Census

Further research Notes

Having located the original census image for the 1881 Census for London Amelia’s surname is actually DESLANDS.

I have looked at the 1871 Census for London RG10/0158/50 and have located Amelia living at 125 Oxford Street London, recorded with surname of DESLANDES.

Copies of the 1871 and 1881 census pages for Amelia are included in the Orlando one name study, because she is recorded as an Orlando in the LDS Index for 1881.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Harry ORLANDO (half Cherokee) in Missouri

Interview by the Department of the InteriorCommission to the Five Civilized TribesNowata, Indian Territory Cooweescoowee District

Edward Clayton Bolen's application for membership to Cherokee Nation. (Edward Bolen is father to child Harry ORLANDO)

As of October, 1900:Delaware Tribe member, Minnie Bolen, age 22born abt. 1881 Cherokee Indian Nation, U.S.A. parents Alexander andElizabeth Connor. Marries white man Edward Clayton Bolen, age 29, Nowata, Indian Territory. Marriage date unknown.

Edward C. Bolen was previously married to Lola L. Smith.Edward and 1st wife Lola married under United Stateslaw Aug. 7 1893. Then re-married Feb.23 1894 under Cherokee Lawby Rev. Isaac Brown.Lola L.Smith-Bolen was a Cherokee-Delaware by blood.Her father was named John Smith, her mother namedSallie.Edward Bolen says he and ex-wife Lola never got a divorce, that they wentto court and got it compromised. He said he did not understand the processwell enough to explain it. Edward said he and ex-wife Lola have a 5 year old sonHARRY ORLANDO who was currently living in Missouri. Edward says he has legal custody of son because his wife Lola left him and left their son alone.He says she left him because of her allegation he didn't do her right orsupport her.Although Edward was living in the Cherokee Nation at time of hisapplication, he never explains who his son Harry Orlando is living with inMissouri.

It has not been established if ORLANDO was the child's middle or last name.

Copies of documentation added to the study.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Baptisms - St George the Martyr Church in Prizzi, Palermo Province

Note: all entries are in Latin, so you will need to convert them to Sicilian. e.g. Petrus/Petri= Pietro, Paschale=Pasquale, Mri= Mariani, Dominici=Domenico, Antoninus=Antonino, Joanna=Giovanna, Salvatoris=Salvator_e, etc. The difference in spelling of these names within an entry is due to the form in which it is used in the sentence. Unless noted otherwise, these babies were baptized the day they were born.

29 May 1891 Salvator, son, born to Francisco Nucrio son of Salvatoris, and Francisca DiReto dtr of Nautii. Godparents were Joseph LoBue son of Paschalis and Carmela Orlando, a married couple.

12 Jul 1891 Jacobus, son, born to Cyro Leone son of Petri, and Anna Orlando dtr of Jacobi. Godparent was Petrus Vallone son of Josephi, who was unmarried. There is a Matrim Contrx dated 7 Jan 1915 which shows he married Nicolina LoBue.

23 Oct 1891 Maria, dtr, born to Salvatore Canzoneri son of Georgii, and Nicolina LoBue dtr of Ignatii. Godparents were Georgius Caniglio and Catherina Orlando, a married couple

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Obituary - Anthony Orlando

Anthony Orlando, director with Lockheed overseas, 81
Saturday, April 29, 2006

Anthony Orlando, 81, of Berkeley Heights died yesterday at home.
A Mass will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the Little Flower Church, Berkeley Heights, after the funeral from the Bradley-Brough Funeral Home, 535 Springfield Ave., Summit.
Mr. Orlando was the director of Air Traffic Control Systems, covering Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Italy, for Lockheed Electronics in North Plainfield, where he worked for 28 years before retiring in 1986.

He was a 1951 graduate of Lehigh (Pa.) University, where he received a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. Mr. Orlando earned a masters degree in electrical engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in 1956.

He was an Army veteran of World War II.

Born in Jersey City, he lived in Brooklyn for 20 years before moving to Berkeley Heights 48 years ago. Surviving are a son, Anthony; a daughter, Maureen Lohmuller; sisters, Gloria Cintorino and Ida Pelletier, and three grandchildren.

Source: The Star Ledger, New Jersey 30th April 2006

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ontario College of Pharmacists - Canada

The Ontario College of Pharmacists in Canada web page has an online register provides the details of two Pharmacists with the surname of Orlando

Mrs. Beatrice Orlando - Currently not practicing

Mr. James Orlando - Currently practicing in Ontario

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Missouri State Archives - Death Records Certificates

Missouri now has Death Certificates from 1910-1955 are online. The url also contain digital images from 1910-1920. The online certicates are searchable by name, county or month and year. Also the database includes info on occupation, parents, birthplace and marital status.
Missouri State Archives - Death Records Certificates

A quick search for my Orlando one name study revealed 53 results.

Introduction to the Orlando One Name Study

The One Name Study for the name of ORLANDO, which is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies, commenced in February 2002, focusing on my Italian Ancestry, by the time I had finally decided to register the One Name Study I had been researching my family history for 16 years. In 1986 I started researching my maternal line then, in 1993 the lines of my husband.

If fate had played a very different hand my maiden name would have been Orlando, and many of the questions that I have about the name and my Italian ancestry would indeed have been answered, and as genealogists know, only too well, what seems impossible, has a certain charm about it, and generally results in many, many hours of research.

The name ORLANDO is an Italian name, my own researches focuses on Sicily, but nevertheless, material about the origins of the name, is short supply and is linked to the name of Roland. Try putting the name ORLANDO into a search engine, I used Google, and once you have discarded the many sites about a holiday in Orlando Florida, there are some interesting sites and further lines of enquiry.

The Guild of One Name Studies expects a researcher, who has registered a specific name to extract the GRO References and collate the certificates accordingly. I had barely started this task, then I became aware of numerous references to the name Orlando, on the “super-highway”. You know how it is, you see a web link to a database or suchlike online and you “have” to just have a quick look to see! well, I looked and was amazed at the amount of Orlando
References that pertained to the USA, Canada and Australia. As web sites come and go, I decided to extract all the encountered references and record them along with the web address of where they were located. ALL these of course need to be verified against the original documentation ~ remember, the Internet is a useful source, a finding aid, it is valuable in its own way, but nothing will replace the thrill of actually seeing the original document.

The criteria for the Orlando one name study are set out on the One Name Study home page. It lists the criteria based upon the study researching the name in the United Kingdom. Clearly, the amount of Orlando reference within the UK will be less than in Italy, after all, this is an Italian name. The reference to Overseas Material is where everything, non-UK will appear. There are obviously going to be amendments to this, as the study is still in it’s infancy.

One of the initial things that made me decide to research the name more fully was stumbling across a marriage reference in Woking Surrey in 1901 of an Orlando, nothing odd in that, except that my own branch of the Orlando’s did not arrive in the area until sixty years later, or did they?

Every study has a catalyst and this was mine, and therefore the One Name Study was formed as I sought to locate, collect and index every reference to the name regardless of its geographical location or its source.

Orlando - One Name Study

I am half Italian, and fascinated with my Italian ancestry. I Registered with the Guild of One Name Studies the name of ORLANDO in February 2002. I've also registered the varients of ORLANDA & ORLANDE. The database is a new one, but is gathering information from all across the globe.

This web page has a search engine facility which show the occurances of a given surname in both Italy and the United States. Here is the occurances of the name Orlando in Italy.

And the United States