Sunday, April 15, 2012

HMS Orlando

Messrs Palmer at Jarrow England built HMS Orlando and she was ready to sail in 1888.
The photograph linked here was taken circa 1897.

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Orlando’s Involved In The Movies!

Alfonso Orlando ~ Actor (1960s)
Angelo Orlando ~ Actor (1980s-2000s), Director & Writer
Anthony Orlando ~ Actor (1930s)
Antonio Orlando ~ Actor (1970s & 1980s)
Charles Orlando ~Actor (1970s)
Ciro Orlando
Don Orlando (I)
Giacomo Orlando
Guido Orlando
Hector Orlando
James Orlando
John Orlando (IV)
Luiz Orlando
Mario Orlando
Matt Orlando
Orazio Orlando
Ramires Orlando
Richard Orlando
Rick Orlando
Roberto Orlando
Ruggero Orlando
Salvatore Orlando
Silvano Orlando
Silvio Orlando
Steve Orlando
Tony Orlando (I)
Vittorio Orlando
Pedro Orlando Torres

Adèle Orlando
Andrea Orlando (I)
Andrea Orlando (II)
Bobi Orlando
Christine Orlando
Cécile Orlando
J.R. Orlando
Jean Orlando
Patricia Orlando (I)
Rita Orlando
Rosemary Orlando (II)
Rossella Orlando
Cecilia Orlando-Willberg
Shana Wall (Shana Orlando) ~ Actress (1990s & 2000s)

Bobby Orlando
Ignazio Orlando
José Orlando

Angelo Orlando
Dominic Orlando (I)
Tony Orlando (II)
Gian Orlando Vassallo ~ Director (1920s)

Angelo Orlando
Carlos Alberto Orlando
Dominic Orlando (I)
Felipe Orlando
Gianni Orlando
Paulo Orlando
Tony Orlando (II)
Gian Orlando Vassallo

Production Designer
Inge Orlando
Kathy Orlando

John Orlando (III)
Pia Orlando

Flávia Orlando
John Orlando (I)
Matt Orlando
Nicole Orlando
Tony Orlando (II)

Miscellaneous crew
Lucas Orlando Linares
Orlando (I)
David Orlando
Dominic Orlando (II)
Don Orlando (II)
Francesca Orlando
Jack Orlando
Joe Orlando
Margaret J. Orlando
Nicole Orlando
Olivia Orlando
Phil Orlando
Pia Orlando
Ramires Orlando
Rosemary Orlando (I)
Teresa Orlando

Art Director
Kathy Orlando

Make-up Department
Orlando (I)
Pierre Orlando

Production Manager
Michael Orlando
Ramires Orlando

Set Decorator
Kim MacKenzie (I) (Kim Mackenzie Orlando)
Kathy Orlando
Patricia Orlando (II)

Sound Department
Lisa Orlando

Art Department
Andrew Orlando
Jack Orlando
John Orlando (II)

Visual Effects
Michael Orlando II
Dana Orlando
Nick Orlando

Source of Information: Internet Movie Database

Friday, January 13, 2012

Orlando Cherry Brandy

The story behind these little pots is quite interesting.

I inherited a plate from my Grandmother with a very similar patten on it. The design was by the artist, Wattau.

So, in my search to see if there were any other similar plates I came across one of these little pots. On the back is the details of Orlando Cherry Brandy, Aidee liqueurs, Torquay. Interesting, as the name of Orlando appears in my Italian ancestry, I simply had to buy the little pot. Then I bought another, and another.....

I actually do not live too far from Torquay, so I set about to research a little about the business, that closed long ago.