Friday, June 16, 2006

Baptisms - St George the Martyr Church in Prizzi, Palermo Province

Note: all entries are in Latin, so you will need to convert them to Sicilian. e.g. Petrus/Petri= Pietro, Paschale=Pasquale, Mri= Mariani, Dominici=Domenico, Antoninus=Antonino, Joanna=Giovanna, Salvatoris=Salvator_e, etc. The difference in spelling of these names within an entry is due to the form in which it is used in the sentence. Unless noted otherwise, these babies were baptized the day they were born.

29 May 1891 Salvator, son, born to Francisco Nucrio son of Salvatoris, and Francisca DiReto dtr of Nautii. Godparents were Joseph LoBue son of Paschalis and Carmela Orlando, a married couple.

12 Jul 1891 Jacobus, son, born to Cyro Leone son of Petri, and Anna Orlando dtr of Jacobi. Godparent was Petrus Vallone son of Josephi, who was unmarried. There is a Matrim Contrx dated 7 Jan 1915 which shows he married Nicolina LoBue.

23 Oct 1891 Maria, dtr, born to Salvatore Canzoneri son of Georgii, and Nicolina LoBue dtr of Ignatii. Godparents were Georgius Caniglio and Catherina Orlando, a married couple

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